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Official Google+ API (It is launched as of 9/15/2011!)

Regarding the Google+ API:

I think this will be huge! I think it will stimulate a phenomenal amount of innovation. It will take G+ beyond "social media" into the realm of "ecosystem." We are already seeing some useful and interesting web services, programs, plugins, and sites being created in relation to Google+, as some folks aren't waiting for the official API. Like true adventurers, they are forging on ahead, making it up as they go along.

Please use this form to help our community create a database of Google+ "how-to-do-it" posts, browser plugins and extensions, software, directories, Hangouts, blog articles, etc! (I have included some items that are not strictly programming or API related because of their merit. If in doubt, go ahead and submit!)The lists of this site will be updated regularly. If you need the RSS data feed for your own application or site, contact me.

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